Trump’s excuse for a response to shootings in Ohio and Texas

What we need in this country at times like these is a leader who brings strength, empathy, compassion and direction to our nation. We have seen this before in our history. Lincoln’s Gettysburg address, Reagans speech following the loss of the Challenger, LBJ’s address to Congress following the assassination of JFK.
What did we get from Trump after he finished his golf outing in New Jersey the day of the shootings? We got nothing. I don’t think I have ever seen a more wooden or stilted presentation in my life. His expression was empty as were his words. He couldn’t move his eyes in any direction for fear he might have to think or say a word that wasn’t scripted for him. Even that didn’t work when Trump said “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo.”
It just seems like every day attempting to look toward a better future for our country, we are faced with more horror and disappointment. The only way to a brighter future is to be sure we change the leadership at all levels. For me, I owe it to my grandchildren to keep involved, to keep informed and to spread hope for that better future.