Time to ask what is our government doing

It is time for all of us to ask ourselves: What is being done in my name? Just in the last few days we have experienced outrages which are nothing less than diabolical and evil. In just over a week the moronic, delusional person elected to lead us, has done the following:

Abolished rules protecting endangered species. Indicated that we intend to jail immigrants, including children indefinitely. Reported that our nation will not provide flu vaccinations to immigrant children in our care. Called the PM of Denmark ‘nasty’ because she thinks selling Greenland to Trump is absurd. Said that increasing back-ground checks for gun purchases is “off the table”. Said he wants stable people to have more guns. I guess that excludes Trump.
We as “stable” people who have a conscience and half a brain need to get organized, stay organized and vote the people behind the insanity now gripping our nation out, as soon as possible. I would like to say put them behind bars but that would sound too much like I am one of them. I will be content for now if they are drummed out of power.