Trump Narcissism

So why does Trump need all these campaign rallies? Why does he expect his cabinet members and Republican lackeys to say how wonderful he is? Why does he respond to criticism with irrational derision and hate? The answer is simple. Trump is a pathological narcissist. Being a pathological narcissist is not the same as your run of the mill narcissist. A “normal” narcissist is someone who, by definition is a person “who has an excessive interest in or admiration of themselves.” Someone (Trump) who is pathological or has a narcissistic personality disorder which affects their reasoning is at another level.

Trump requires constant adoration and reaffirmation that he is smarter, healthier, better looking, stronger, etc., than any other human on Earth. Hence, yesterday Trump tells us, “I am the least racist person on the planet.”
Trump MUST go to rallies where the attendees are drunk with the power and affirmation of their prejudices, Trump provides them. They give back to Trump the adoration and reinforcement that he is totally correct and justified in all of his irrational reasoning and statements. He says, How, can I be wrong? Look at how the people love me.
Here’s the problem. The result of this kind of pathology in a person in power can be devastating for those under their control. The result is the chaos we are currently experiencing in this country.
What is the solution? Honestly, it is difficult, but we must remain active and denounce those who accept the vile words and deeds we hear and see every day. We can also support those organizations who are fighting against the injustices of this administration. And yes, we need to throw them out ASAP!

We will not be silent!

If you care to read more about narcissism, I suggest the following link to the Mayo Clinic:…causes/syc-20366662