Seek alternatives to single use bags

On Thursday, the New Jersey legislature passed a ban on plastic and paper bags, polystyrene containers, and plastic straws. The climate change and pollution deniers will be condemning the move as destroying businesses, it’s the wrong time, paper is good, and more. The reality remains, we must decrease the production of waste across the planet. Our environment simply cannot sustain the pollution and waste which is expanding every day.
The proper approach is not to blame, to incite, to condemn, etc. The proper approach is to research the most efficient and beneficial ways to implement the changes coming over the next eighteen months. New Providence needs to look at the coming bans as an opportunity to become leaders in educating citizens and assisting businesses in best practices. For example, there are alternatives to paper and plastic bags which are available now. Why not promote our town by using these alternatives as advertising media for our businesses and community.
I look forward to assisting in educating the public in positive changes needed to address the complex climate issues facing all of us. A vote for Allen Swanson is a vote to ensure that those positive changes have a voice.
Write-in Allen Swanson as your “Personal Choice” on your mail in ballot.