NJ Transit Power Plant Set for Kearny Location

NJ Transit Power Plant

The construction of the New Jersey Transit 140-megawatt power plant in Kearny is rapidly moving toward a construction start date in early 2021.  The $546 million project was intended to be a “back-up” in the event there is a power outage to Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor, the Morris/Essex lines of NJ Transit and the Hudson-Bergan light rail.  The stand-by plan to provide power following a disaster similar to Sandy in 2012, has apparently been shelved in favor of operating on a continuous basis.  Also, in the past the plant was reportedly going to be using renewable energy sources (solar), current documents indicate the fuel source for the plant will be natural gas.

The site is located along the Hackensack River in Kearny on county-owned property.  Mayor Al Santos of Kearny told that he “was not involved in the planning process of the site and would not receive property taxes.”

Environmental Concerns

As one would expect the plan to construct and operate this plant has not been without controversy.  Numerous environmental groups have expressed concern over the negative environmental impact from the plant.  Among the criticisms is the significant impact the plant will have on air quality in an area of New Jersey which already has some of the worst levels of pollution in the nation.  A detailed discussion of the negative effects of the project was developed by the Hudson County Group of the New Jersey Sierra Club.  It can be found at the link below.