Mayor and Council prefer state-imposed plastics ban

On June 10, 2019 Mayor Morgan and the New Providence Borough Council were asked to consider a ban on plastic bag waste in the borough.

Mayor Morgan in his response to the issue said : “There are a few towns who have done this. . . it’s really a regional and state thing that would be done.”  Councilman Peter DeSarno added “I agree with your comment about state -wide solutions as opposed to a patch work solution…”

In a July 19, 2019 letter to Mayor Morgan, Jennifer Coffey, Executive Director of the Associations of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, stated the following: “Right now, there are over 50 local ordinances reducing single-use plastic or polystyrene throughout the state, with many more municipalities considering similar regulations.”

Any state action with regard to this issue and the timing of such action is not clear at this time.  There are groups lobbying for significant variations in the particulars of any state action.

It is clear this issue will not be going away any time soon.