Limiting Indoor Capacity Lowers Covid-19 Infection Spread

Study Shows Limiting Indoor Capacity at Businesses Reduces Covid-19 Spread

A comprehensive study has been released by Nature Today which concludes that most Covid-19 infections in US cities were spread at restaurants, cafes and gyms.

The study took place in March and April of 2020.  Ten of the largest cities in the US were used to track data on the movements of 100 million people.  The large number was a result of using data from cell phones and applying the results to predict outbreaks of Covid-19.  The predictions proved accurate.

The researchers used models for predicting infection spread resulting from different patron capacities at different locations.  The results demonstrated that reduced capacities at certain locations had a significant impact on the predicted spread of the virus.  A reduction from 100% to 20% capacity could result in an 80% reduction in cases.

The authors point out that their findings corroborate “contact-tracing studies worldwide, which have identified restaurants, gyms, choir practices, nursing homes and other crowded indoor venues…where many people are infected at one time.”

The study methodology is complex, and the authors recognized that their results should continue to be confirmed by additional study.

Below are links to two sources of information related to the study:

Nature November 10. 2020

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