Letter to the New Providence NJ Borough Council on Banning Plastic Bags October 28, 2019

New Providence Borough Council

Members of the Council,



On June 10, 2019, a letter I submitted regarding the issue of single use plastic bags, was discussed.  In the letter, I pointed out that this issue was not going to go away, and you had the opportunity to stay on top of it by taking some action.  Your response was that you felt the correct approach for New Providence was to wait for the state to pass legislation on the issue or we should be involved in a regional approach.  As you are well aware, the likelihood of the state taking any action on single use disposable plastics is low.  While there is legislation proposed, it is currently not on any path to passage in the immediate future.  In the meantime, more than 60 towns in New Jersey have passed or are considering passage of so-called bag bans.  In just the last weeks ordinances banning certain single use disposable plastics have been passed in Madison, Chatham and Chatham Township.  The votes for these measures were overwhelmingly favorable.  Within the next month or two similar ordinances will be passed in Summit and Millburn.  The position of the Borough Council of New Providence as stated by Mayor Morgan, is that a regional approach to the issue would be appropriate.  Recent developments have shown that a regional approach to the issue is not available to New Providence because, with one exception, all the towns in the immediate vicinity of New Providence have already passed or are about to pass ordinances banning various single use disposable items.

The above leads me to request that the Borough of New Providence begin the process of having an ordinance(s) developed which will address the issue of single use disposable plastics.  In the absence of such action I would request that the council address specifically their objections to such a process, publicize those objections and allow the citizens to voice their position on the issue at a public meeting.





Allen Swanson


To assist the council and the town I have provided, separately, the recently passed ordinances in Cranford, Chatham Township and Madison.  Attached I have also provided a list of the more than 60 towns in NJ mentioned above.


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