Letter to Mayor Morgan regarding Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns

Below is a letter I sent to Mayor Morgan, New Providence, which is on the agenda for the August 12, 2019 meeting. It is ,of course, prompted by once again frequent mass killing of innocent people. This has to stop. (Portions removed for privacy and brevity)

August 7, 2019

Dear Mayor Morgan,

Last year you were given the opportunity to join other Mayors in Union County by signing the Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns Statement of Principles (attached) . From reports you were initially planning on signing the pledge but withdrew your support prior to the actual signing event. I would hope you prove me wrong in this impression. If not, I was unable to find what rationale you used for withdrawing your support from the pledge. I request that you provide an explanation as to why you believe it is not wise to support such an initiative. I would also ask that you reconsider your unwillingness to participate in this effort with other mayors around the nation.

I would add that on June 19, 2019 you signed a proclamation which included the following:
“WHEREAS, we renew our commitment to reduce gun violence and pledge to do all we can to keep firearms out of the wrong hands and encourage responsible gun ownership to help keep our children safe.
NOW, THEREFORE, I Allen Morgan, Mayor of the Borough of New Providence, declare the first Friday of June to be National Gun Violence Awareness Day. I encourage all citizens to support local community efforts to prevent the tragic effects of gun violence and to honor and value human lives.”

Given your commitment to the above, I request that you join the mayors who have given their support to the statement of principles attached.

Allen Swanson


Whereas: 30,000 Americans across the country are killed every year as a result of gun violence – including 12,000 who are murdered – destroying families and communities in big cities and small towns; and

Whereas: As Mayors, we are duty-bound to do everything in our power to protect our residents, especially our children, from harm, and there is no greater threat to public safety than the threat of illegal guns;

Now, therefore, we resolve to work together to find innovative new ways to advance the following principles:

PUNISH – to the maximum extent of the law – criminals who possess, use, and traffic in illegal guns.

TARGET and hold accountable irresponsible gun dealers who break the law by knowingly selling guns to straw purchasers.

EXTEND background check requirements to all gun sales, including the private sales that take place online and at gun shows.

OPPOSE all federal efforts to restrict cities’ right to access, use, and share trace data that is
so essential to effective enforcement, or to interfere with the ability of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to combat illegal gun trafficking.

WORK to develop and use technologies that aid in the detection and tracing of illegal guns.

SUPPORT all local, state, and federal legislation that targets illegal guns; coordinate legislative, enforcement, and litigation strategies; and share information and best practices.