Ivanka 14 MILLION JOBS. Bring on the straight jacket!

November 14, 2019

Someone needs to straighten me out on this one.  On Tuesday, Trump said his daughter, Ivanka, has created 14 million jobs.  I understand that Trump lies, I understand that Trump is delusional, I get it.  My problem is how do people sit in an audience in New York City and listen to Trump say this and no one says: “What the hell are you talking about?”  I would REALLY like to have someone come forward and tell us all how Ivanka created 8 million more jobs than the entire economy has created since January 2017.  The magnitude of the degree of pathology which leads Trump to make such a statement is beyond comprehension.  There are many who would agree that Trump’s level of pathological narcissism is truly unique and perhaps dangerous for us all.  Why aren’t more people calling Trump out on his statements?  My fear is we are allowing ourselves to become numb to Trump’s lies and delusions and dismissing them as harmless.  What happens when he invents an enemy in his head who he really thinks he needs to destroy with his power.  Pretty scary thought if you ask me.