Get Rid of the Slogan “DEFUND THE POLICE.”

Get Rid of the Slogan “Defund the Police”

I am on board with protesting police violence.  I am on board with addressing “systemic racism.”  I am on board with police reform movements.

I am NOT on board with violence and destruction.  I am NOT on board with inflammatory slogans.

The frequently seen slogan: “Defund the Police” is a mistake.  First, I get it, edgy, controversial slogans get attention.  That can be a good thing in certain circumstances and situations.  The “defund the police” slogan certainly is edgy, but it is far from good or productive.

The problems with “Defund the Police” are numerous.  The most obvious and damaging is how misleading the slogan is.  Any time, the proponents of a position have to explain what their statement REALLY means, they are in trouble.  In this case, the explanation is essential and because the statement is so far out, useless.  No matter how one tries to explain what they mean by the “defund” term, it remains just that “defund.”  To the opponents of reform and advocates for the police no matter what, the term means do-away-with, abolish, disband, etc.

This allows Trump, his supporters and all the right-wing extremists to attack and dismiss any explanations of what needs to happen.  It reminds me of the Vietnam war protesters disparaging the returning soldiers from the battlefield or Jane Fonda sitting on an anti-aircraft battery used against U. S. planes.  Neither of these actions produced anything positive and were indefensible.

So please, ditch the “Defund the Police” signs.  Stick with:  Say Their Names; Vote Like Your Life Depends on It; Demilitarize the Police.