Final Candidate Statement

The statement below represents the final public statement submitted to the local virtual newspaper TAPinto New Providence

I am running for the NP Borough Council as a write-in candidate.  I had hoped when I announced this campaign that my opponents would participate in some exchange of ideas and proposals.  Unfortunately, that has not occurred.

Those of you who have followed my statements, this is my sixth, know that I have made several proposals for change which address citizen participation, government transparency and accountability through improved communication, a “green plan,” social justice discussions and more.  My opponents have chosen not to respond to these proposals or present specific proposals of their own.  That is unfortunate and frustrating because a thriving democracy needs diverse views, proposals, and dialogue.

The likelihood of my being elected is remote because my name does not appear on the ballot and I am not running as a representative of any political party.  I hope I have made some difference for those of you who have followed my efforts and expressed your support.

I don’t plan on going away after November 3rd.  I will continue to be an advocate for the principles and proposals I have identified.  I hope to expand the reach of my newsletter Truth Matters NP, my advocacy for the environment, political reform and social justice.  I am committed to those issues regardless of the outcome of the upcoming election.

I want to thank the people in New Providence who have supported my effort to provide an alternative voice in a Borough Council election which would otherwise have passed without notice.  It is my hope that in the future we will see a closer relationship between the citizens and our government leaders.  This is best accomplished by active, informed and involved citizens.

You can follow issues, advocate for a position, make comments on the Facebook page Truth Matters New Providence.  I will also continue my advocacy at that page and on my website

I want to mention an item that came up at the October 26th Borough Council meeting.  During a discussion about the extension of outdoor dining, I quoted the Governor’s Executive Order rules regarding the definition of an outdoor dining space and asked who was responsible for monitoring compliance with those rules.  Mayor Morgan said he “imagined it was the Department of Health.”  No other officials present answered the question. I find this to be very disturbing.  How can no person in a leadership position in New Providence know who is responsible for monitoring rules to keep us safe from a deadly disease?  I have delivered a letter that addresses this problem.  The content of the letter is posted on the Facebook page Truth Matters New Providence.