Council and Mayor Respond to 10% of “Requests”

Council needs to improve responses to citizens

One of my campaig’ns most important and easiest to accomplish goals is for the Borough to review, update and improve the website.

Much of the information is outdated.  In some cases, by years.  There is very little explanation of some links.  Here is one example:

Below is a screen shot from the website under the link with the title Copy-of-Action-Line-Responses:

Jan 2018 – Jan 2019                      Reuests Received.                Reuests Answered Directly

Morgan                                                         48                                                   0

Gennaro                                                          5                                                    1

Munoz                                                             7                                                    0

Geoffroy                                                         6                                                     4

Robinson                                                      11                                                     0

While the chart data appears to be self-explanatory, there is no additional explanation.

My first comment would be where is the data through January 2020?

I then have a concern that 77 “Requests” were received and 5 were “Answered Directly.”  Without additional explanation these figures are meaningless.  If one assumes that less than 10% of “Requests” are answered, the chart does not present a very responsive Council or Mayor.  We simply must do better.

My proposal for the Mayor and Council is that every piece of correspondence received must receive a response by one of the Council members or the Mayor.  I am not referring to the auto response system used when an email is sent, I am referring to a personal response regarding each issue brought up.  I can assure you that every correspondence item I have sent to the Council has only had a response when I have personally brought it up at a meeting.

The figures they report in the above chart are not large.  I fail to understand how every piece of correspondence received by the Mayor and Council does not receive a response.