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Allen Swanson

Racism, White Responsibility to Me

Recently I wrote an article about what “white privilege to me.”  The article is available at the following link:   As an extension of that article I am writing what I believe my responsibility is, in the fight to eliminate all forms of racism.  I do this from the perspective of being someone identified …

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May 4, 1970 Four Killed at Kent State. My Reflections

Fifty years-ago today, four students were shot and killed at Kent State University by Ohio National Guard troops.  Shortly before the shooting, Governor James Rhodes, (R, OH), referred to the protestors at Kent as being “worse than the brownshirts and the communist element and also the nightriders and the vigilantes. They’re the worst type of …

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Demand Transparency

January 26, 2020 Transparency: something visible, easy to see, open.  In government, transparency means knowing what your representatives (elected and candidates) are doing, how they are spending your money, how they are representing you for the greater good of all.  Seems simple enough.  So why, in government, is the notion of transparency so controversial and …

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This is a new website intended to cover political and other topics from a “left” or “progressive” point of view.  The site does not and will not post, share or develop conspiracy theories.  In fact, the intent is to attack misinformation, injustice, stupid ideas, and any other vile and outrageous claims and positions taken by …

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