Allen Swanson For Democratic Nominee to Council

Select Allen Swanson as Democratic Candidate for New Providence Council


For the second year in a row the New Providence Republicans may be able to run for Council without an opposing Democratic candidate.  This is not good for many reasons.  The most significant being the ability of the Republicans to remain in office without addressing a single issue regarding their performance as our representatives.  Our elections are intended to provide a platform for ideas to be presented and debated.  In New Providence we cannot have that debate unless there are candidates presenting ideas and positions open to the scrutiny of the voters.

Our local government has been controlled for over 50 years by one party with almost no discussion of issues.  The outcome is reduced transparency, accountability and most of all, significant apathy on the part of voters.  In the last decade most eligible voters did not participate in elections.  In 2015 the turnout for the primary election was 7%.  In 2015, 85% of the registered voters did NOT exercise their right to select their leaders in the general election.  In the decade prior to 2020 only four elections saw more than 50% of registered voters turn out.

On June 8, 2021 New Providence Democratic Primary voters have the opportunity to exercise their right to create a discussion of ideas leading up to the November 3rd general election.  That opportunity is to go to the “Personal Choice” portion of their mail in or voting machine ballot and write in Allen Swanson.  By doing so you will assure that issues such as government transparency, accountability, and citizen participation will be discussed on these pages and elsewhere.  In addition, our local response to environmental and social justice, ballot and voting, transportation and climate change can be discussed.

Democrats, if you take advantage of your right to select a candidate for New Providence Council on June 8, I will do my best to represent views which deserve to be discussed in the context of the 2021 campaign.  I won’t put together an elaborate expensive campaign.  I will put together positions and ideas which are intended to encourage an exchange of facts, opinions and ideas.  An exchange that is essential in a democracy.


Realistically, the chances of a victory in November are not high, given the machine, money-driven nature of politics in New Jersey.  That should not prevent citizens from taking the opportunity to participate in the process.

Participate in the process, write in Allen Swanson as your “Personal Choice” on your Democratic primary ballot on June 8, 2021.


Allen Swanson