Allen Swanson for Council. Participation Plan

Allen Swanson.    2020 Write in for Borough Council
The Participation Plan

I plan to advocate for the following reforms in how government functions in New Providence.  I call it my Participation Plan.  The Participation Plan is designed to improve communication between the citizens and our leaders, to increase transparency of government, to make government pro-active in seeking input from citizens and more.  Here are some specifics:

Publish up-dates on issues anticipated on future agendas

Review and update all Web and Media Pages

Schedule Town Hall sessions

Respond to all citizen correspondence in writing   Correspondence is currently only mentioned at Council meetings.

Publish minutes of meetings within one week   At this time, they are up to three months behind.

Put citizen input early in meeting agendas   At this time, it is near the conclusion of the meetings.  Forces those wishing to speak to wait.

Solicit citizen input on resolutions   At this time none is required or solicited.

Explanation of resolutions included on agendas

Written summaries of Advisory input

Continue Live Streaming Meetings